Results Zimbabwe program

'I found out that what drives me is to make healthy foods affordable for all classes. I developed new products and got many new customers.' - Eggie Chiromo, Fountain Products

From November 2015 until June 2016 the Brilliant Entrepreneur implemented her training project in Zimbabwe. In total 21 women entrepreneurs participated in the program of which 20 entrepreneurs finalized it. Click here for the profiles of the participants.

Just like in the other countries, the type of training was experienced as totally new and eye opening. The combination and interlinking of personal and business development was new as well as the diverse creative and (inter) active training methods. Both were found very inspiring.


Talent builds confidence and skills

Identification of one’s individual talent has been an eye-opener for all participants who had rarely looked at themselves in this way before. During the first module, all participants identified their talent. Examples of their talents are: Fast thinker, Creative beast, Big sister, Compassionate, Building confidence, Persuader, Nurturer, Strategic planner.

Being familiar with their talents and the focus on its development had supported the women entrepreneurs especially in building their confidence and skills.

It also helped them to realize that they do not need to be good in everything and that it helps to make strategic choices in the delegation of tasks to other people. Some examples of how the recognition of their talent has benefited to them:

  • ‘My talent is an important tool that enables me to clarify and express myself’
  • ‘I have learnt to trust and build confidence in my employees and others around me, so I can now delegate and work well with my team.’
  • ‘I have learnt to accept people the way they are and not force them to be what I want and also to focus on their good qualities.’
  • ‘Convincing involves talking. Talk is cheap if not backed up by action. Walk the talk.’
Increase in employees and suppliers

Although normally it takes longer to see an increase in number of employees and suppliers, within the project in Zimbabwe we already saw significant results. The number of employees increased with 89 and the number of suppliers increased with 8473.


Business results

During the first module, every participant defined a concrete target for the business innovation that she wanted to have realized at the final day of training. Most of the results were above expectations and show that the women entrepreneurs are committed and result oriented. Some examples:

  • Aloe Enterprises works on social housing made from innovative materials. She signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Dutch company for the building of social houses in Zimbabwe.
  • Three of the entrepreneurs in the group developed together a drink based on baobab.
  • Tropicool Blinds planned to introduce two new lines of blinds and develop her own design. Based on what she learned she changed her idea and decided that, in order to reach her five year plan of being a leader on the continent, it would be more effective to increase the efficiency of the production process. She opened a branch in South Africa.