Established women entrepreneurs

‘In life people need persons like the Brilliant Entrepreneur trainers to understand what they can do and how they can go beyond their imagination.’ - Ana Maria Mihalcea, director of ABC day care centre in Tirana, Albania

We work with women owning and managing small and medium sized businesses. This group has so much potential that is waiting to be unleashed. Also, already established and proven businesses have a higher chance to continue operating than starting entrepreneurs.



We use the following criteria for participation:

  • Operational for at least two to three years.
  • A minimum annual turnover of USD 25,000.
  • At least three employees.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Capable to use and communicate through internet.
  • Ready for a regional or international step in their business development.
  • Operate (or have plans to) in a socially responsible manner.