Talent in Business trainings

The program is set up as an intensive half year training for women SME entrepreneurs. Apart from this full program shorter trainings or workshops are also possible. Programs for more starting entrepreneurs, and for mixed groups, can also be discussed.

As a result of the training women entrepreneurs will experience a boost in their enterprises leading to increased employment, turnover, productivity and visibility.

Thanks to the Brilliant Entrepreneur training the entrepreneurs found the courage and opportunities to turn their dreams into reality.’ – Carla Brokking, informal investor who visited the entrepreneurs in Uganda a year after our program


Full program

The full program consists of three modules in a time span of half a year.

  • The first module is in the country of the participants. Training elements in the first training are discovering your talent, setting targets, networking and preparation for the business mission.
  • After three months a business mission to the region or a developed country, or alternatively participation in a trade fair.
  • The third and final module is three months after the mission, again in the country of the entrepreneurs. Here we look back at what was achieved, at personal and business level. This is important in order to keep the momentum of the mission going. Also, we provide training modules on specific issues, based on the needs of the participants.

We recommend this program, since it has all elements needed to lead to positive business results, based on the several experiences we had with working with women SME entrepreneurs. Do you want to receive a sample proposal and offer? Please contact us at info@brilliantentrepreneur.net


A one or two day training is also possible. For example as part of an already existing training or business mission program. Our training on talent development and management has shown to be an eye opener and value adding element to other business development projects. Our training is suitable for women entrepreneurs at different levels, from micro to big!

‘The training was like a juice in the desert, so refreshing!’ – Entrepreneur from Sudan, participating in the MENA workshop in the Hague June 2016

Workshops & lectures

Or are you interested in workshops and motivational presentations for a few hours? This is also possible and can be an appetizer to our trainings and of course the full program.

Your workshop was the best, since it was the only real workshop, where we got the opportunity to actually work!’ - Female participant in the Women Entrepreneurship Conference of the Jordan Engineers Association, May 2016