What we do

We focus on the person behind the business. The entrepreneur is the cornerstone of the business and therefore crucial for success, innovation and change. Knowing yourself will lead to improved business results. We take time to give each entrepreneur the needed individual attention.

‘When making a decision whether to invest or not I look at three things: the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur’ - A business angel

We emphasize on talent development. This works from the idea that everyone is born with a specific talent that determines the way you approach life. Discovering and nurturing this talent helps enormously in developing yourself and your business. Your talent can also be used to distinguish your business from your competitors.

what we do 2

Knowing your business and setting targets

We reflect together with the entrepreneurs on what it is that they are actually selling. What needs are they solving, who are the ideal clients, why are they the best to solve the need? Where do they want to be in 5 years time? And what should be the first step in order to get there? Answering these questions is the first step for developing a successful business.


In the encounter and interaction with others the women entrepreneurs will find inspiration, solutions and even new business partners. They become aware that there are many initiatives and organizations in their country that are there to help them. We invite these organizations in our training and connect them to the target group. Matchmaking is done with potential clients, investors, relevant programs, etc. at international and national level.

Tailor made topics

Based on the needs of the women, we add specific modules. For example on Corporate Social Responsibility, or we will try to find answers on questions like 'how to be a good employer' or 'how to find an informal investor'. Or we practice and challenge the women for a 1 minute pitch. Whatever topic we treat, we always do it in our specific Brilliant Entrepreneur way, by making it personal and getting the participants to work immediately.

Business mission

In principle a business mission to a developed country (international trade) or a country in the region (regional trade) is part of the program. For the participants this is a highlight in the program. It provides them with new knowledge, clients and inspiration. It also leads to a stronger network between the participants. Our missions have a high success rate thanks to the training, since our participants are more focused and have a clear idea of what they want to gain during the mission.


In order to spread the knowledge and experience gained, every SME entrepreneur who participates in the training mentors a starting woman entrepreneur in her country. This guidance to others also helps participants to internalize the new ways of working and thinking.


More information?

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