Results Uganda program

'I focused in my range of products, removed those wines that I only sold once every three months and kept more storage of the popular wines. My turnover doubled.' - Isabella Turyagenda, wine importer

From September 2014 until January 2015 the Brilliant Entrepreneur talent and business development program was implemented in Uganda. In total 21 women entrepreneurs participated. Click here to see their profiles.


Setting targets leads to good results

All of the 21 women entrepreneurs have partly or fully achieved their set targets. A number has even exceeded their business targets! Setting performance targets within a defined timeframe for yourself was new to most participants and it was experienced as an eye opener. They plan to work more with setting targets for themselves and their employees in the future.


Talent development works!

We assumed that the Brilliant Entrepreneur training was a real niche in the Ugandan market, where most of the business trainings are technical, while ours focuses on personal development connected with enterprise development. This assumption appeared to be correct. All women entrepreneurs expressed in their evaluations that this type of training was new to them and that they were positively surprised by the impact that knowing and using your talent can have on their companies.

  • ‘I have the courage to do things that otherwise I would not have dared’
  • ‘Knowing that I am convincer, gives me more courage to approach possible clients’
  • ‘If I use my talent, I am somebody and I know that I can achieve something’
  • ‘I have more confidence, also in other people, I delegate more’
  • ‘I get out of my comfort zone and embrace new ideas’
  • ‘I have the confidence to do it, and not wait for others’


Increased network and international business

An improved and extended network was often mentioned in the evaluations as a positive result. There was a lot of interaction between the women during the project period and the participants have already planned network meetings after the program. Thanks to the local and international matchmaking their network also increased substantially outside the group of women.

  • Vantage Communications, active in  mobile data collection, found two partners from the Netherlands, one providing technology and one for capacity building and operation in mobile data collection.
  • Star Café aimed to acquire a long term funding for USD 1.5 million. She signed a contract for USD 400.000 and is in discussion with other funders.
  • Wilio Trains was included by a Dutch training agency as a service deliverer for Kenya in cassava projects. 
  • Victoria Education Systems managed to have a new kindergarten operational.
  • The Ark Kindergarten was inspired to set up a special program during school holidays with ballet, pian, etc.This appeared to be a unique selling point.


The benefit of focus

Learning to focus played an important role in the training, and has benefited most of the participants. Two participants significantly increased their turnover during the project period primarily as the result of bringing focus in their enterprises and activities.


Upcoming women entrepreneurs also benefited

As part of the mentorship program, 19 of the 21 participants mentored a starting woman entrepreneur in order to ensure a wider impact. In 15 cases good results were achieved by the mentees. The mentoring period continued until March 2015 and was coordinated by the Mara Foundation in Uganda.