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Brilliant Business Booster

Welcome to the first module of our Brilliant Business Booster programme. Your are on your way to become a Brilliant Entrepreneur and boost your business!

Do you have the feeling that you have the potential to grow, but you are not sure which step to make next? Do you want to run your business with more passion and energy and become more successful? Do you wish to expand your network of business women?

Yes? Then it is time to become a Brilliant Entrepreneur!


What is a Brilliant Entrepreneur?

As Brilliant Entrepreneur your are the core of your business.The better you know your talent and work based on your talent, the more our business will thrive. Therefore, as a Brilliant Entrepreneur you

know your talent and you make optimal use of it! That makes a great difference. Your talent helps you to gain your business results faster, with more fun and energy.

I thought that it would take me 20 years to achieve my goal. To my great surprise I have achieved it already now, only 2 years since I started the Brilliant Entrepreneur training’ (Interior designer in Uganda).

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How to become a Brilliant Entrepreneur

To make it easy for you to become a Brilliant Entrepreneur we have developed a digital training: the Brilliant Business Booster.

This is a serie of 9 modules with exercises. Every module contains one or more video presentations of 10 to 15 minutes each. Together with the workbook exercises it will take you 30 to 60 minutes to accomplish the module. We can support you in online skype sessions.

The step that is part of every module is PRACTISE: apply the lessons in your daily professional life. This is an important part of the learning process. You can do the entire training in your own speed. We suggest that you do the modules step-wise, during a period of 3 to 6 months.

Our personal approach is our trademark. So please, never hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to hear from and help you further with whatever question you have. Just remember: those who make their talents excel are the ones who dare to ask others to support them.

Individual training

You can do the training by yourself with online support from our side. One Skype-session and e-mail feedback on your exercises is included in the training package. If you need more online chat sessions, we will be happy to offer them.


Become a BE Trainer for a small group

It will be fun and more effective to do the modules together with other entrepreneurs. Invite 2-4 colleague entrepreneurs and do the modules together. Discussion and direct feed-back from others will help you a lot.

You can use the Brilliant Business Booster training also as part of your network programme!

We will be happy to provide you with the extra support needed to facilitate small group or network sessions.


I worked 18 hours per day which was too much. I wanted to delegate but I never could as I expected my staff to do everything in my way. Throgh the Brilliant Entrepreneur training I that it would be more effective to recognize the talents of my staff members and let them do the work in their own way. This works so well. Now I only work 10 hours/day and guess what? I am even more effective!.

Private school director, Uganda.


Start immediately with the first module for free!

Subscribe here and get the video of the first free module of the Brilliant Business Booster programme. In this first module we will guide you through the different steps that are part of this Brilliant Business Booster online programme. Go ahead and get the video and the workbook!

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Hand outs

During our trainings and workshops we hand out short documents about the identification and use of your talent, the purpose of your business, networking, organising a market place and more. Find the list of free downloads below. More will be offered in our Brilliant Business Booster.

Instruction videos

In our instruction videos we explain and guide you how to identify your talent, how to make optimum use of it, how realize successful business projects, etc. Click here to see the first video for free. The videos are part of an online program and will be complemented with Skype sessions and feedback by e-mail in order to make the most out of it. Contact us for more information and registration.

Skype sessions

Did you join a training and do you want to know more or have a soundboard? Or is there no opportunity (yet) for you to participate in our trainings? One Skype session with one of the trainers  is part of the Brilliant Business Booster online training! Contact us for planning a meeting. 

For the online learning modules we use the user friendly Learning Stone platform. And they partly sponsor the costs since they support our initiative to empower women entrepreneurs, for which we are grateful.