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Show your talent in a pitch

By Yvette van Dok | 24 October 2016

The potential of women entrepreneurs is enormous. Unfortunately, many female entrepreneurs are too modest to tell others what their talent is or to show the achievements of their company. These suggestions will help you gain confidence in showcasing your talent and attracting the interest of a potential client or investor!  1. A good pitch does not…

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Female entrepreneurs from Congo and MENA

By Karen Kammeraat | 24 October 2016

Did you know gigantic robots regulate the traffic in Kinshasa? And that a female entrepreneur from Congo designed them? She visited the Netherlands from  19-22 September together with nine other women entrepreneurs; heading banks, magazines, callcenters, agricultural enterprises, etc. Congo is a hectic country to work in, so that makes the achievements of the business women even…

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Dreams become reality in Uganda

By Karen Kammeraat | 16 September 2016

In June 2016 BiD network organized a trip to Uganda for informal investors. We are very proud that 3 of the 8 entrepreneurs who were visited were participants in our Brilliant Entrepreneur programme. Carla Brokking was one of the informal investors and you may also know her as one of the trainers at our Talent-in-Business events.…

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Talent is much more than your job

By Yvette van Dok | 16 September 2016

Talent is not limited to your job: it shows itself in all sorts of situations. Talent is not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. A footballer’s talent is not limited to playing football. If it were, his talent would stop at the age of 30 along with his football career. His…

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What is your why?

By Karen Kammeraat | 8 July 2016

  Do you know the why of your company? You probably know what you sell and how this is made, but what about the why? This is important to know and show, since consumers do not so much buy what you sell, but why you sell it! All big brands are successful because they emphasize their…

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Take talent seriously!

By Yvette van Dok | 8 July 2016

Sometimes you do not know what talent you are facing. Regularly I experience know talent can surprise you. Please be warned….. it may surprise you! Florence for example. She was one of the participants in our Brilliant Entrepreneur project in Uganda in 2014. Then she was an upcoming entrepreneur. Now she suddenly is the finalist…

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Good results in the Balkan and Zimbabwe

By Karen Kammeraat | 8 July 2016

From November 2015 until June 2016 we were running two Brilliant Entrepreneur projects. One with 19 entrepreneurs from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia and the other with 21 entrepreneurs from Zimbabwe. They came for a mission to the Netherlands in February and March 2016. During our last training modules in May and June 2016 we heard…

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