Results with Middle East women entrepreneurs



12 women entrepreneurs from Jordan visited the Netherlands in June 2015 and benefited from the talent training. We conducted a one day talent training and together with the Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) organised tailor made business visits in the Netherlands. Two months later we monitored the progress through Skype calls.

The Brilliant Entrepreneur training was mentioned as one of the highlights of the visit. It was the first time that the women entrepreneurs looked at themselves and learned how knowing yourself can contribute to the growth of the business.

A great deal of interaction and business deals between the women entrepreneurs was a result of the training. The women also found a lot of inspiration and a number of business deals at the Dutch companies.

'Finding out that hosting is my talent connected all activities that I execute with my business and gave me the focus that I needed' - Linda Hallaq - First Bazaar Jordan



11 women entrepreneurs from Palestine visited the Netherlands in October 2014 and enjoyed the talent training. During the training we also identified obstacles for women entrepreneurs in Palestine and each participant identified her ideal client and their needs. Together with NEC we organised tailor made business visits.

The training was highly rated and the interactive method was much appreciated. The relation between personal and business development was a new and valuable insight for the women entrepreneurs.

'It was a very useful exercise to be aware of who my clients are and who I want as my clients. I will definitely use this is in my future marketing activities' - Razan Attieh, Sukkar cakes

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

9 women entrepreneurs from different MENA countries came to the Netherlands in April 2016, and 6 women leaders from the MENA region came in October 2016. Both groups received a Brilliant Entrepreneur talent training in order to give a boost to their work.

The main insights for the women entrepreneurs were the value of working and growing your business based on your talent, and the importance of being able to present your company in a short presentation (pitch). The main learning for the women leaders was how important it is to find the work life balance. Only if you take sufficient time for yourself, you can excel in work.

'I experienced that working can actually mean a lot of fun and relaxation. It does not always have to be serious and stressed.' - Ghitta Laskrouif, Morocco