Talent makes new friends

Once you discover your own talent, something special happens to you. And not only to you. Things change when you discover the talent of the other. The chemistry of the relationship alters when two talents meet, and friendship can arise. Some examples from Georgia.

Natalia eagerly entered the room and embraced Tamar so warmly that it seemed like they had been friends for years. Was that true? Let me check … No, not at all. They had only met seven months ago on the first day of our Brilliant Businesswoman Programme in Georgia. But they had a click.

Lia, with her fully operational freight forwarding company, serves as a role-model for other Georgian entrepreneurs. Yet this is not what makes her so popular. With her talent ‘to make people feel happy’, she won everyone’s heart. She always knows how to strike the right chord: she cheers someone up with a nice poem, she gives strong business advice or she organises a birthday party for a fellow brilliant entrepreneur.

Talent and dragons

Friendship is not just about talent. It’s also about dragons. “Huh? Just tell everyone what I’m not good at? I am ashamed to death.” This is how many participants reacted at the beginning of the programme. But they soon discovered that the opposite is true – it was a relief not to be the only one with a ‘weakness’. In fact, others can even help you out!

Taking each other’s talent seriously while playfully dealing with the dragons are great ingredients for an open relationship and spontaneous feedback. They allow solidarity, trust, fun and relaxation to grow. The goal is still to grow a successful business, but it’s a lot easier with friends around you.

Let’s do the Talent Challenge next week. It’s very simple.

  • Reserve your time next week.
  • Talk to as many people as possible, at least five, about their talent and their dragons.
  • Do not hesitate to also share your dragons.
  • Try to pinpoint what changes in the chemistry of your relationship.




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