Have a look at SheInspiresHer!

We came into contact with SheInspiresHer, a truly inspirational organisation, through Twitter! SheInspiresHer shares stories about women entrepreneurs in emerging African markets to show role models; promote the products and services of women-owned businesses; raise awareness about the need to remove barriers; and connect women to each other and to promising opportunities. Goals that we very much endorse and support!

We provided SheInspiresHer with information on the women we trained in two countries in Africa. The stories of Bongani, Nobukhosi and Rosemary from Zimbabwe, and Judith and Florence from Uganda are now online with beautiful and colourful interviews. Maybe they will also be included in the book of 30 stories that will be published for the Women Advancing Africa Forum organised by the Graça Machel Trust on 10-12 August 2017 in Dar es Salaam. Are you an African woman entrepreneur with a story worth sharing? Contact SheInspiresHer directly or through us.

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