Results Balkan program

'The new and innovative product I designed is a result of the push I got from the Brilliant Entrepreneur program' - Ana Damjanoska, owner of metal construction company Strimform

From November 2015 until May 2016 the Brilliant Entrepreneur training program for women entrepreneurs was implemented in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. During the project period the entrepreneurs worked on the realisation of a company project and functioned as a mentor for their mentees as part of the mentorship program. In total 19 women entrepreneurs were selected (ten from Macedonia, four from Albania and five from Kosovo). Click here to read their profiles.

The main objective of the program was the realisation of a business innovation by all participants, based on their talents and that of their employees. Each of the participants set both her personal development goal as well as her own business innovation target.

Talent helps to achieve more results with greater ease

Working based on talent was an eye-opener to all participants. They were positively surprised by the impact that knowing and using your talent can have on their companies. It was remarkable how much more relaxed a number of them looked by the end of the trajectory ‘I feel more relaxed, not because I am not busy, in the contrary! But because things seem to run more easily’ as they pointed out. A fundamental change in their way of working had taken place.

  • ‘My talent ‘positive energy’ helps me to transmit trust and to present our work in a very nice way. I am doing my best to further explore this great thing nature gave me’.
  • ‘My talent ‘ live the dream’ helped me to realise that sometimes is not worth to push things and people. When given time, things just start to happen’.
  • ‘My talent gives me a lot of confidence’.
International business deals

An improved and extended network was often mentioned in the evaluations as a positive result. There was a lot of interaction between the women during the project period and the participants have already planned network meetings after the program. The international character of the group also gave new opportunities and insights among them. Thanks to the trade-mission to the Netherlands their international network has increased substantially.

  • Faberti group (Albania) targeted to be in negotiation with two business partners in the Netherlands, which she achieved and by now have turned into actual business partners.
  • Zavar company (Macedonia) wished to find a partner to develop specific electrical heaters for radiators. She found this partner, and also found a partner for the development and production of hot water heaters.
Successful mentorship program

As part of the mentorship program, efforts were made to link the 19 participants to a mentee, a smaller and/or starting woman entrepreneur, in order to ensure a wider impact. In 15 cases good relationships were built up with their mentees. The mentoring period will continue until the end of this year and is coordinated by the Mentorship Network in Macedonia.