The writer lives on

A few months ago, Shayonti Chatterji, owner of the online ‘Our FrontCover’ magazine, asked me to write for her magazine. I happily agreed. What a good opportunity to put talent and our brilliant entrepreneurs in the spotlight!

Shayonti is a social entrepreneur who is putting her heart and soul into producing ‘Our FrontCover’. After a stressful career in marketing skincare products, she decided that it was time for a change and to do what she really wanted. In 2005, she launched ‘Our FrontCover’: a magazine with stories from around the world that focus on gender equality, empowerment and opportunities for everyone.

It showcases stories that remain untold but that can strike a chord. Stories about remarkable people. Stories of change that inspire and provoke, and stories that are just light and fun.

Would you like to know more? Go to the free ‘Our FrontCover’ webzine. If you would you like your story published, just contact Shayonti.

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