Talent uncovered

‘Walk more slowly, then you see more’. I came across this sentence last week and I tried it out immediately. My conclusion is that it is true!  If I walk more slowly, I can hear the birds sing, see the tulips coming up in my garden and have a chat with my 3 year old neighbour.

I realised how much time we spend running around, blind to the many great things around us. Uncovering is difficult. And this does not only apply to the things around us, but also to the things within ourselves: our own talent.

Last month we started our Brilliant Entrepreneur Project with 15 great women entrepreneurs in Georgia. The first training session was about discovering talent. Some of the women already knew their talents. For others, it took more effort to drop the assumptions that they had about themselves.

Surprising talents

Take Nina and her ‘creative solutions’ talent, for example. For other people, just listening to her was enough. It was as clear as daylight that her talent was the ability to find creative solutions. But she could not believe it at first. “Me? Creative? My parents and my sisters are well-known designers and artists, but I always thought I was not creative.”

Or Maia with her ‘life is a party’ talent. She was really surprised. Is this also a talent? When we confirmed that it was, the party of recognition started for her. She had never looked at herself like this before, but indeed, it hit the mark. The puzzle started falling into place.

Talent tips

Uncovering your own talent yourself is an impossible task. You need the help of others. It’s easier for an outsider to see your talent shining through. But, the vision of the person in question is often clouded. So ask the people around you. Seek their help to reveal a new piece of your talent. This can be done in a few very simple steps.

  • Choose someone you have collaborated with privately or in a work situation during the week.
  • Ask this person to tell you a little anecdote of a striking moment with you.
  • Write down what is being said literally.
  • Ask different people and see what their anecdotes tell you about your talent.

Lots of fun!

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