Successful closure of the Georgian programme

In the first week of October, Yvette and Karen travelled to Tbilisi to close the Brilliant Entrepreneur programme that we started March this year. It was a happy reunion. We were pleased to see the women entrepreneurs again and they too were pleased to be among their colleague entrepreneurs again. Over the last half year, they had become real friends, while most of them did not even know each other before the training. This is always a major positive result of our training. As one of the participants said, “I often travel with groups for work, and I always like it, but I never experienced the formation of such a close network”.

This strong network in which women entrepreneurs from different sectors, ages and places support each other was only one of the results. Many of them say that their self-confidence has grown substantially. One of the women, who was combining her enterprise with a job, decided to quit her job and completely focus on her company. With her increased self-confidence and focus, she dared take this step. The result for another participant was to take her company more seriously. This was immediately recognised by a Dutch company for which she is now the exclusive distributor of tableware in Georgia.

Better work-life balance

Another important result for a number of the women was a better work-life balance. In March, some of the participants looked quite tired and stressed. During the final session the atmosphere was very relaxed. Our holistic approach that touches upon focus, delegation, using your talent in your work and fun, clearly yielded fruit.

The training was closed with a public event that included an exhibition of the pictures that were taken of the women during Yvette’s visit in the summer. We showed a video of how Georgian women entrepreneurs are taking the lead. Many of the women entrepreneurs and their mentees presented their achievements. The participants and mentees received their certificates, handed over by the enthusiastic Netherlands Ambassador, Mr Jos Douma. The afternoon ended with drinks where the networking continued.

Follow up plans

The Georgian participants and the Brilliant Entrepreneur hope this was not the last visit to Georgia. There are many great projects for follow up in the pipeline, such as exchanges between the Netherlands and Georgia on organic agriculture, the organisation of a Georgian Design Week (inspired by the Dutch Design Week) and a visit of Dutch women entrepreneurs to Georgia. Do you want to be involved in one or more of these activities? Let us know!

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