Nice article at Grensverleggers

Grensverleggers is a Dutch platform for and with Dutch entrepreneurs that do business outside the Netherlands in a responsible way. Grensverleggers can be translated as ‘Those who move borders’, or ‘Those who move limits’. Brilliant Entrepreneur fits perfectly at this platform since we cross borders and  move limits, not just our own, but also the limits of the women entrepreneurs we train.

Brilliant Entrepreneur in the spotlight

The organisation was happily receiving us as a member and was so enthusiastic about what we did that they requested an interview with us. Of course we answered positively since the more people read and know about Brilliant Entrepreneur, the better. You can read the interview here (in Dutch).

Tips and questions

Grensverleggers asked us to share a tip for other entrepreneurs doing or wishing to do business in other (developing) countries. Our main tip was to be aware of the context and customs in the country where you are going to, but don’t research the persons you work with too much, so you can approach them with an open mind and without prejudices. This helps for everyone to feel valued and open up.

We also shared a question with the readers. At Brilliant Entrepreneur we are sometimes struggling with the fact that we have two types of clients. Our direct clients are of course the women entrepreneurs we train. But they are not the clients who pay for it. That’s another group that we really would like to extend. Of course, our request for advice is not limited to the readers of Grensverleggers but to everyone. So if you have brilliant ideas about this, please let us know!

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