Message with talent

Last week I received a message from Eggie Chiromo, a participant in our Brilliant Entrepreneur programme in Zimbabwe. Her message was a real gift. A message with many beautiful lessons.

‘Dear Madam, I feel I should let you know my achievements so far. Through your teachings and advice, my business is doing well and I have managed to pay for my twin training as a pilot in South Africa. My talent name being ‘achiever’, at least I have made a Great Achievement. Keep helping the world. Help is not money, but Knowledge is Power. Thank you.’


Lessons from the message

I would like to share the lessons I found in Eggie’s message.

  1. Eggie shares her celebration. It’s great that she has taken the trouble to write us a message and share her achievements. So her party is also our party. And that generates new energy on all sides. Because, at times, we can also use her encouragement to ‘Keep helping the world!’ Thank you, Eggie!
  2. She celebrates her success. She celebrates the success of her daughters, and she also celebrates her talent! Of course you can never do celebrate your talent enough.
  3. She celebrates her female entrepreneurship. It again illustrates that investing in mothers pays off. Research has shown that girls from educated mothers are also better educated.
  4. She is celebrating a good future. Young educated women in Africa  have about fewer children than uneducated women and offer them better future opportunities.
  5. She celebrates her freedom of choice. These women did not care about the stereotypical image ‘Men are pilots, women are stewardesses’. No, these daughters boost the overall share of 3% of female pilots. Well done ladies!


Talent tips

Is there someone who has made an important contribution to the development of your talent? Take the trouble to send this person a message. Out of the blue, just to show your gratitude and celebrate its richness.

Lots of fun!

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