Making finance work for women entrepreneurs

That was the theme of a Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and Dutch Development Bank (FMO) conference that looked at closing the gap between financial institutions and women entrepreneurs. The key attendees were 11 women entrepreneurs from developing and emerging economies. Three of them were trained and invited by Brilliant Entrepreneur! The spotlight was on these women to share the realities of their operations and challenges on the ground with banks and other financial institutions. And this is really necessary!


Yvette and Karen both moderated workshops in the morning and the afternoon in which the entrepreneurs and institutions were divided into small groups to facilitate contact. Both sides learned a lot in these sessions. Most of the strategies aimed at women entrepreneurs are designed in offices, underpinned by theory and desktop research. It was a good opportunity for the financial institutions to hear first-hand the real stories from the ground. And the entrepreneurs gained good insights into what banks and financial institutions expect and require from entrepreneurs. The general conclusion, which was supported by FMO and KIT, was that the first steps were taken at the conference and that we all need to ensure that we continue the journey together. Read the joint FMO and KIT report on the event here.

Brilliant Entrepreneur workshop for the women

We were honoured and happy that FMO and KIT invited us to hold a workshop for the women entrepreneurs. We spent the morning identifying their talents, and they later demonstrated their talents in a play. Just some of the many talents that we had in our group were protector, creative analyst, resourcefulness and someone who opens boxes to reveal butterflies! Everyone learned a lot and had great fun, as you can see in the picture.

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