Karen wrote a book (in Dutch). Order it now!

For the Dutch readers: Karen wrote the book ‘Gewoon Goed!’ Read on and order the first edition!

Besides her work for Brilliant Entrepreneur, Karen is very committed to creating more awareness on sustainable consumption in the Netherlands. Buying the ‘right’ goods can contribute to a better world, where nature and human beings are respected.

Many people in the Netherland wish to consume more sustainably, but they find it hard to take the first step. Because they believe such products are more expensive, because they don’t know where to find them or how to recognise these. The book shows you in a personal and inspiring way how you can take sustainable steps that fit your lifestyle. Because products should not only be sustainable, but also attractive and affordable!

You can pre-order the book now at a crowdfunding campaign, for example in combination with amazing sustainable products like chocolate, fashion, cosmetics or plants. The crowdfunding is active until 28 February 2019, so don’t wait and order now.

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