Assistance required! Photo exposition Georgian women entrepreneurs

Yvette was so impressed by the beauty of the Georgian women entrepreneurs and the countryside that she decided she cannot wait till our training in October 2018. She will travel to Georgia in July 2018 for her summer holidays. Well, holidays … she will also spend one day training the members of our partner, the Women Business Council of Georgia. And she will visit the women entrepreneurs in their companies. Combining work and pleasure! And of course she will also take time to enjoy the beautiful Georgian landscapes.


Exhibition spaces

Yvette will not travel alone since photographer Michel Marang will accompany her and take pictures of the women entrepreneurs. We are looking for more spaces to exhibit these photographs! Do you have or know a space? Please let us know! We are also looking for funding tips. We have the budget to cover the costs of the photographer in Georgia but need extra funding for printing and exhibiting the photographs. We are looking forward to receiving your ideas and assistance!

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