About a jacket

Opportunities for business and women refugees: Get inspired by the example ‘About a Jacket’ where business and opportunities for women refugees come together.

About a Jacket is Marilou Evelo’s dream. A fashion designer, who fell in love with Peru’s soft and warm alpaca wool and colourful traditional designs. These would be perfect ingredients for warm and elegant jackets for ladies in the Netherlands. She wanted to make unique tailor-made jackets, pieces that fit the size, colour preferences and tastes of her clients. And pieces that were produced in a socially responsible way.

Refugee women working on a better future

It took Marilou years of searching and persistence to create her sustainable production line. And now she has managed! About a Jacket is up and running. About 15 refugee women from countries including Iran, Iraq and Somalia come together at her workshop in Hoorn. While embroidering the colourful patterns on the jackets, they share stories and become more hopeful for a better future.

Would you like to know more? Or order your own tailor-made jacket? Please contact Marilou.

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