I found working from my talent so inspiring that I also identified the talents of my employees. Everyone is now more happy and productive at work.


After the program a Dutch company visited me and they are now importing my herbs.


The Brilliant Entrepreneur gives a boost to your company, in a way that suits you.

Give a boost to women's enterprises

The Brilliant Entrepreneur is a groundbreaking training program that enables women entrepreneurs worldwide to shape a successful business. Starting point of this tailor made training program is talent development. We add to this story telling about your business, knowledge, matchmaking and a business mission, leading to innovation and a boost  for the female entrepreneurship. Results achieved with the Brilliant Entrepreneur have been impressive and described as life changing.

‘It was a life changing experience. I learnt that self confidence is something you can work on and this helped me to attract more clients.’ – Sekayi Mushayi, travel agency Funo Safaris Zimbabwe

The development of women entrepreneurs is crucial for a healthy economic and social development. Do you want to unleash their potential and give a boost to women SME entrepreneurs in developing or emerging economies? But are you not sure how and where to reach them?

Impressive results

Images can tell more than words! Watch our movie about the impact in Uganda. More stories can be found on our YouTube channel.

  • More than 200 women work now based on their talent leading to improved business results
  • 60 women entrepreneurs received the full training in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Balkan
  • One day training for another 120 women entrepreneurs from DRC, Albania and several Middle East countries
  • 50 starting entrepreneurs profited from coaching and mentoring
  • Work and income generated for more than 10,000 people
  • USD 1 million invested in women's enterprises
  • 20 international business relations created
'The talent training allowed me to recognize my talent, I discovered that I am a master and I work seriously on this talent. Then, I gave training to my members on talents.' - Betty Mulanga, Paumubert business DRC


Integration of personal, talent and company development, leading to concrete result-oriented actions and innovations

Tailor made

Tailor made and individual approach for each entrepreneur.


Creative and practical methods that create immediate experience and reflection.


Networking among participants, local organizations, international institutions and companies.


A new talent year!

12 January 2018

A new year. We have been gifted with another 365 days. They comprise no less than 31,536,000 seconds. That really sounds like a lot. And very precise. At least, this is how it seems to be.  Time is a strange phenomenon. And not half as precise as you think. We try to control our time…

We are going to Georgia!

12 January 2018

We are delighted that we won a tender put out by the Netherlands Agency for Entrepreneurship (RVO)! They were looking for an organisation to train 15 women SME entrepreneurs in Georgia – the country in the Caucasus, not the U.S. state – and to prepare them for a trade mission to the Netherlands. We submitted…

Order a pin and support refugees

12 December 2017

Brilliant Entrepreneur and jewellery designer Lumani Qusus recently moved from Jordan to Canada. That doesn’t mean that she forgot her home country, on the contrary! Together with an international team she started The Pin Project. The pin is designed by Jenny Bird and made by refugees, displaced persons or returnees all over the world, among…

About a jacket

22 November 2017

Opportunities for business and women refugees: Get inspired by the example ‘About a Jacket’ where business and opportunities for women refugees come together. About a Jacket is Marilou Evelo’s dream. A fashion designer, who fell in love with Peru’s soft and warm alpaca wool and colourful traditional designs. These would be perfect ingredients for warm and…

Talent delegates to talent

22 November 2017

Some people work extremely hard with little success. Others make great things happen seemingly without effort. What is their secret? They leave things to others. They delegate. That sounds very simple but … it’s not. Talent can help. Take the example of Barbara, principal of five private schools in Uganda that employ about 250 teachers.…

We are not alone

14 November 2017

We are not alone was the beautiful conclusion of a group of female leaders from different Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries after a week’s visit to the Netherlands. In October we had the honour to provide our Brilliant Entrepreneur training to a group of very diverse women. What they all had in common…

You can now become a Brilliant Entrepreneur trainer yourself!

13 September 2017

In a previous newsletter, we informed you about our online training. We keep refining and improving the training, and we would like to tell you about a new opportunity. If you are a Brilliant Entrepreneur, you can become a Brilliant Entrepreneur trainer/coach yourself! It is easy and a great chance to share the Brilliant Entrepreneur…

Good results of the Brilliant Refugee programme

13 September 2017

With much enthusiasm from all involved, we have finalised our Brilliant Refugee programme. Both participants told us that knowing their talents has given them new energy, greater confidence and focus, and will help them find their way in the Netherlands. Being more conscious of the ‘dragons’ that stop them using their talents proved to be…

Women Creating Wealth – Order this beautiful book!

13 September 2017

Our partner, She Inspires Her, collected 50 of the most impressive and beautiful stories from African women entrepreneurs and published them in a colourful and relevant book. We are very proud that seven of the stories are about women who were trained by us! It is great to see our Brilliant Entrepreneurs recognised in this…

Nice article at Grensverleggers

24 May 2017

Grensverleggers is a Dutch platform for and with Dutch entrepreneurs that do business outside the Netherlands in a responsible way. Grensverleggers can be translated as ‘Those who move borders’, or ‘Those who move limits’. Brilliant Entrepreneur fits perfectly at this platform since we cross borders and  move limits, not just our own, but also the limits…